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Rules for dream on's signature and avvies shop [:

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Rules for dream on's signature and avvies shop [:

Post by Valory. on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:57 am

please be sure you only make 2 shops,
do not steal another members work without permission
all dream on's rules apply here as well
and do not pressure the owner of the shop to much
&&Thanks [:


and brought speeeedyy
and sloooowyyyy showed up 2

so this is mine now xD
sucks for u..

oh my gawsh a bubble xD << from VALVAL

HEYO im back.. u know u missed me xD
so...ur pretty much my best friend..na no pretty much u r.
ur pretty cool and mental......vagabond xD
OK LATER and this was lame but i wrote it so now its beast
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300 posts

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