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Dudee. These are the rules. How 'bout you read them, okay? okay.

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Dudee. These are the rules. How 'bout you read them, okay? okay.

Post by -Brookaayyy.♥ on Sun May 08, 2011 4:41 am

Well I'm not going to make up a whole bunch of stupid rules, but there are a few;
-You may swear, but don't cuss someone out.
-Do not create more than one account.
-Do not claim someone else's work as yours.
-Do not annoy people.
-Do not be rude to other members.
-Do not argue with staff, it only makes matters worse for you.
-Listen to all staff members.

[Please remember, 3 strikes and you're out. This means if you're warned 3 times, you're banned. The staff memebers will decide on for how long.]

*Please take notice that we CAN change the rules at anytime. Any time the rules are changed, everybody shall be notified one way or another.

Dream On Staff

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Re: Dudee. These are the rules. How 'bout you read them, okay? okay.

Post by Valory. on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:09 am

and please make sure the you do not use red in any forums its staff colors only thanks [:


and brought speeeedyy
and sloooowyyyy showed up 2

so this is mine now xD
sucks for u..

oh my gawsh a bubble xD << from VALVAL

HEYO im back.. u know u missed me xD
so...ur pretty much my best friend..na no pretty much u r.
ur pretty cool and mental......vagabond xD
OK LATER and this was lame but i wrote it so now its beast
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